The story so far…

Red carpets, magazine covers, radio spots, tv appearances, national tours, accolades. If there is one thing my family friend and mentor Brenda Lee taught me, it was not to take it too seriously. A life in entertainment is an ebb and flow – a series of ups and downs. Staying grounded during the highs. Staying confident during the lows. One always gives way to the other again if you stay in the game. She also said, be kind to everyone you meet because you meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way back down. Truer words never spoken.

As my mother likes to say, not to my mild discomfort, I’m “half-famous”. Enough people know who I am to never really enjoy anonymity, but not enough people know that I don’t always have people “discovering” me. I like it actually. I like to think that maybe I’m that cool find not everyone knows about. Just the same, God what a journey. Putting this archive together reminds me of how much I’ve actually gotten my hands in to. But more importantly, it reminds me of how I’ve grown, how I’ve gotten better with time and age and how I still have so much I plan on doing. I can’t do anything else. This is my DNA. This is what I will do until I’m 80 and will try to make it better and better with every damn decade.

How many chapters will this end up being? Who knows. For now, I intend to write a lot more.

Happy reading. LK

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!