Bittersweet Salvation – Live at the Rose Room

Originally posted to patrons at Patreon on April 15, 2020 at 3:00pm

On tour with the play “Southern Baptist Sissies” (2007) and promoting his then release “The Gospel According To Levi”, Bittersweet Salvation is a song that challenges conventional views of spirituality. The album can be found on any streaming platform.

Rewind Wednesday – Bittersweet Salvation


Hello to all of you. I hope you all are doing great during this unusual time. Jason and I are managing okay here at our place. The dog is with us, so she is thrilled that none of us ever leave the house. I’m enjoying seeing many of you online here and there. Last week’s live stream tripled the viewers of the previous one and gospel music seems to be the thing people wanna hear right now. So per their request, I’ll be doing another Live at Five this Sunday of gospel music. See you there.

I found this. Fun backstory. I was on tour with “Southern Baptist Sissies”. We are currently in Dallas, TX. Emerson Collins introduces me (in drag). This is absolutely a drunk performance. And the coolest part of this time period was getting to know Delta Burke, hang out with crazy Leslie, and of course spend time with one of my besties, Emerson. This brought back some good memories. I hope the song does that for you too.

Video is unlisted, so if you end up clicking through this video to youtube, save it to one of your own playlists. I saw that Pauline was doing that – so smart. She has all the unlisted Patreon videos in one playlist.

Love you guys! Stay positive.