My First Film – Includes Soundtrack

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My second audition landed me a leading role in the award winning film Don’t Let Go with Katherine Ross and Scott Wilson.  The film won Best Picture at the West Chester Film Festival, Outstanding Directorial Achievement at the Stony Brook Film Festival and a PRism Award in Los Angeles.

The most important thing about this experience was working daily with Katherine and Scott for six weeks on set – my on- screen mom and dad. Scott Wilson quickly became a mentor of mine. He saw that I was so in love with the craft and so immersed in character development. I think that’s why he took me under his wing. It was so hard for me when he passed. Up until he started his job with The Walking Dead, I had a chance to go by and see him now and then. To me, he was the consummate actor. And I soaked up everything I could.

LK Crew members can watch the full movie here – original directors cut – a copy given to me by the director. You can also enjoy songs from the soundtrack (and over 100+ tracks of unreleased album cuts, songwriting demos, producer demos, acoustic performances, live recordings and more) when you become a member of the LK Crew. This soundtrack was never released.

Here are a few photos from the set.

Here is our review from Variety Magazine!