Melrose Place

if a stage could talk

The Zephyr Theater off of Melrose Ave. was a creative hub in Hollywood that attracted the most eclectic group of actors. This is where I found my tribe.

With my first national tour now behind me, it was calming to just be home for a moment. At this time in my life, home was with my LA tribe of actor friends. I found my tribe through writer/director Del Shores, whom I met after seeing his award winning play Southern Baptist Sissies. Del has a few award-winning plays and in January of 2006, The Zephyr Theatre featured revivals of six Shores plays. It was called The Season Of Shores. It ran from January 13th through July 26th before going on the road.

Now home from tour, I was back singing Stained Glass Window at the end of every SBS performance. The song was inspired by the play and reflects my own personal journey of recovering from years of conversion therapy, redefining God, and reclaiming my spiritual health. Del had co-wrote the song with me back in 2002 and since then, I kind of became a part of the cast, ending the play with this song.

Del always encouraged me to do solo shows at the Zephyr Theatre on dark nights. My first solo show there was on January 16th and featured my debut album One Of The Ones. The highlights below are from a July 1st performance, just before heading out of town once again to headline my first pride festivals.

Some of my favorite memories are in this theatre with my LA family. The years have passed and as is the nature of creatives and entrepreneurs, work obsession allows for increased distance and decreased communication. But I think we all look back at this time with great fondness.

In the video you can see that I am performing on the actual set of Southern Baptist Sissies. You will also preview a song I would close the 2006 Gay Games with at Wrigley Field – Son Of A Preacher Man. Darci and Wendy provide backups with Sammy K on the cajon. Other song highlights are Gonna Be Alright, Hot Rod, and I believe the only time I’ve ever sang Debby Holiday’s song One World.

Photos of the performance follow the video.

Thanks to Ron Webb and Terri Johnson for grabbing the footage with their cameras – and Terri for all the photos. Hopefully I have made up for the old technology with the massive audio/video clean up job I did on this footage. Most certainly better than it was. Enjoy.