First Red Carpet – World Premiere of “What Women Want”

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You met one of my first LA friends in this post. A fellow southern transplant who was managing acting talent. In that post you saw the short film I did with her son Dustin, a film director. My first leading part. She and I were already flirting with the idea of working together. At the time, she managed Ashley Johnson, who we all know from the television show Growing Pains. I never spent a ton of time with Ashley, but what time we did have together, it was a lot of fun. Ashley had been enjoying success for some time. We were pals and she needed someone to go on the red carpet with.

I think I’m creepy and awkward here. I didn’t know yet to step out of frame if you are accompanying the main person of interest. It’s just good red carpet etiquette. Note how big the suit is on me. It literally swallows me whole. I couldn’t afford a red carpet outfit, so an acquaintance of mine let me borrow his suit. He was twice my size. To me, this felt like the fanciest night of my life thus far.