My (Almost) Broadway Debut – One Red Flower

Written and directed my two time Emmy Award Winner Paris BarclayOne Red Flower was based on the book Dear America, Letters Home From Vietnam. Full productions were done at North Shore Music Theatre (MA), Signature Theatre (VA), The Village Theatre (WA), and Carnegie Mellon University (PA). Readings at The Brentwood Theatre and The Rubicon Theatre (CA).

The world premiere production (North Shore Music Theatre) sharing the stories of 6 U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam war as told through a series of letters to their wives, mothers, girlfriends. Based on actual letters provided by the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, this is a poignant look at the trials, fears, hardships, and longing for home these men felt. It is a tribute to all veterans and their families.

The North Shore Production would have been our pre-Broadway production.

But 9/11 happened. Shortly after that, it’s my understand that the team considered it may not be the best time to move forward with the piece.

The six of us guys were so excited at the potential of this show being our Broadway debut. I never would have suspected that coming back to Los Angeles after the pre-Broadway production, these same producers would find a new show called Million Dollar Quartet and ask me to do a table reading for the role of Jerry Lee Lewis – a role I never had to audition for after that table reading.

LK Crew members can watch a video of the entire stage production from North Shore Music Theater here.

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Below are photos from the production at Northshore Music Theater. The last two photos are from our HBO reading of the musical. They were considering a filmed version.

In addition, our fellow LK Crew Member, George, grabbed a video of an impromptu performance I did of one of my songs from the show.