XM Radio Debut

After taping an episode of The Apprentice, you’re immediately told to sign a six month confidentiality agreement and wait until the episode actually airs. I knew that the nation was going to see a little bit of what I do, so with the help of my mentor, I considered trying to pull together an album to sell on my website – in hopes of making grocery money.

With only $200 in my pocket that night, I went into the city to ask a studio to let me record a piano/vocal album. From song one to song eight. One take. What resulted was my debut album One Of the Ones. Below is the radio special on XM Cafe that followed the airing of my episode on The Apprentice and introduced my music to the world. I’ve also included for you video footage from a Las Vegas appearance with XM Cafe that happened a month or so later.

Here the entire thirty eight minute XM Special Edition of NBC’s The Apprentice.

Watch the Sirius/XM Live performance in Las Vegas.