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"NOTHING on Youtube compares
with this live performance!"
"The charisma of Kreis's performance makes each
song wholly accessible, allowing listeners to
bask in the power and majesty of each
beloved lyric and melody."
"Speaking of the Great White way, you haven't heard
Sweeney Todd's Not While I'm Around, Pippins'
Corner Of The Sky or Aladdin's Friend Like Me
till you've heard them sung Kreis-style with piano
arrangements so rich, you won't miss a full orchestra,
not even for a second."
"Effortless comedic timing and dazzling piano chops!"Huffington Post
"A star ready to pop, Kreis tears up the stage!"Chicago Tribune
"Levi Kreis is a rock star with an electric sound and vibe!
He channels sex appeal and displays
vocal abilities that just astonish."
Broadway World
"To watch Levi play the piano is like watching
somebody speaking in tongues."