My First Album Review

Through a strangers eyes…

These days, people aren’t generally interested in album reviews. We’re a word-of-mouth social media driven society now. But back then, the reputation of writers and their publications was everything. It’s how people found out about music. And the first time a stranger lends there “authoritative” viewpoint to your innermost creative musings – which music is subjective by nature – it’s a moment you remember. Good or bad, it holds a special place in your timeline.

This review was released on November 28th, 2005, almost two weeks after my appearance on NBC’s The Apprentice. As you know, this album was one take top-to-bottom. Looking back, maybe it’s the glaring imperfections that made me cringe for years that actually make this album a fan favorite. No pretense. No polish. Just raw. I do remember that R.J. Carter made me feel encouraged – like maybe I was on to something.