LGBTQ Media Explodes…

…and I’m in the eye of the storm.

I must say, I miss LGBT media. It was before we added the QIA, the plus sign, and we were not corporate and mainstream like we are today. It was still punk to be queer and the spirit of nonconformity was still alive and well. In the early 2000’s, gayborhoods were thriving, we met our boyfriends at the local gay bar, national gay magazines were gaining notoriety, pride parades were still anti-corporate and cool af, and new gay-centric entertainment outlets were popping up everywhere! It was hands-down the most exciting time. I was coming off of my appearance on The Apprentice and found myself thrown right into the middle of it all.

I can’t tell you how cool it was to be behind the scenes at the height of gay media culture – to have an intimate look into the lives of our queer media icons. But even more exciting was being one of the most talked about new kids on the block. Some of my favorite memories.

Brunch, which was on the Q Television Network was the first LIVE morning daily talk show created specifically for the LGBT and gay-friendly progressive community. This upbeat and fast paced morning show was part talk show and part sitcom. The hosts are Honey Labrador of Queer Eye for the Straight Girl and Scott Withers who live in lofts across the hall from one another. Brunch was eclectic and touched on all sorts of topics from cooking to politics, along with having many interesting guests. Brunch ran the gamut of issues and interests that are important to the diverse LGBT community.

While Brunch can be found on IMDB, guests are not noted on episodes, leaving me to guess that this episode was around December of 2005.