Seducing the Soap World

…one love song at a time.

Having three national television features within a four month period was an instant game changer for me and my little independent debut album.

And while The Apprentice performance was facilitated by the producer I was working with just prior, the opportunities with Days Of Our Lives and Young And The Restless came about via the kindness of friends. As I am writing this, I actually have to confess I could be wrong about that regarding Days. I don’t recall who submitted the song to the show. It might have been a girlfriend of my boyfriend at the time. It could have been Cas (Eric Himan’s manager) who I was starting to work with. They could have just heard it and tracked me down. I’m not sure anymore. What I do recall was the kindness of Thad Luckinbill, a friend and actor on the show. He brought Hardly A Hero to the music supervisors and they found a place for it.

The opportunity to capitalize on the strong receptivity of soap fans to my music was harnessed by two different performances on SoapNet’s television show Soap Talk. I have Beau Puckett to thank for that. He was a friend who worked on the show and it was his idea to get me on. Soap Talk is a television talk show on SOAPnet hosted by Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway that debuted in 2002 and ended in 2006. I just remember them being so warm, welcoming and very complimentary of my performances.

Below you can watch the segments of Days Of Our Lives and Young And the Restless where I Should Go and Hardly A Hero were featured. Below that, you can watch the live performance and interview on Soap Talk. Unfortunately I never got a copy of the July 2006 performance of Hardly A Hero on the show.

This was a beautiful time in my life. I remember feeling like after all the years of dancing on the brink of stardom that these little moments mattered more to me than they probably did to anyone else. It’s amazing how the universe opens up just a little more each time we decide to show up authentically and be our true selves.