Timeless (We Are)


These pictures on the wall
Try to tell a story
But they don’t say much at all
They cannot convey the glory
Of a love like yours and mine
All they do is capture time
And we are timeless
This journal by my bed
Has a million memories
From the days when love began
Till we were beyond our thirties
But they’re words across a page
And they’re always gonna fade
But we are timeless
Nothing we could ever do
Could stop this wheel from turning
But every time I look at you
I feel my heart returning
To the one thing I know it’s true
The very thing I keep on learning
Is there’s no time or space
When you touch my face
Oh, the soul behind these eyes
Knows what lasts forever
And the passage of time
Has so very little power
When it comes to you and me
I’m loving you eternally
We are timeless

Written by Levi Kreis