Palm Springs, CA – 9th Annual Home for The Holidays Tour 2023

December 8th, 2023 – Palm Springs Cultural Center – One 90 minute act – trio including Josh Turner on upright bass and Anthony Ty Johnson (from my tour with Hadestown) on drums. Sound by Rebekah Speer. Hosted by Keith Barnacastle for Sands, Stars and Guitars.

December 10th, 2023 – Spiritual Center Of The Desert – Sunday morning talk plus music.

Below you’re going to see a video of my Sunday morning talk to the congregation of Spiritual Center Of The Desert. It was the first time I had ever given the talk in a service (save the altar calls I would give after my gospel concerts growing up). I pace too much. My engagement wasn’t the best. I was very nervous. But as they say in the church, I shared my testimony. And with my story, a couple of songs from my album Liberated. 

Finding Purpose.

I’ve been asking the universe to provide more clarity for me around how I can be of service in this world. Something more than just sneaking a bit of encouragement into a live show for a secular gathering. More like, a place in my life where I can speak boldly and directly to people who are engaged in their spiritual journey and want to explore it together! This particular morning, something inside of me lit up. I felt like the universe was saying to me…”warmer…you’re getting warmer”.

You may not know this, but when I received my spiritual practitioners license from Centers for Spiritual Living in 2012, I was planning on moving forward with my ministerial training and establishing a spiritual center. In 2013, I was music minister at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago while planning my continued education with a reverend in Atlanta. That year, I released my album Imagine Paradise, which is a very positive, nu-disco/soul record that celebrates metaphysical concepts and self-love. My career continued. It continues. But suddenly, I’m contemplating my ministerial studies once again. So, my first ministerial class starts two weeks from my writing this!

Rev. Dr. Dale Olansky had a brief conversation with me about my spiritual practitioners license – inviting me to allow her to move it from Centers for Spiritual Living To Emerson Institute where then I could be associated with Spiritual Center Of The Desert and be an active licensed spiritual practitioner able to see clients. I received the new certificate last week!

We Can Build A Beautiful City.

Not a city of angels. But we can build a city of man. Okay. Apologies for the Godspell lyric. (I’m learning the song to add to my new Broadway concert.) The beauty I’m talking about is Palm Springs. Now, my husband is a water baby like me. The desert is not for ducks like us. But I have so many beautiful memories there. And so many friends that came down from the City Of Angels to see my show at the Palm Springs Cultural Center and reconnect with me. Yvonne, Chantelle, Fred, John, Jamie, Rich, and Don just to name a few. (And some of those names came as far as Seattle!) I felt the love. And two final things.

After a year on the road with Hadestown in the role of Hermes, Anthony Ty Johnson (drummer for Hadestown) and I have countless musical memories together. What a pleasure to have him play drums for this show. And huge love to Josh Turner as well who Anthony brought with him from Los Angeles to join me on upright bass. This show was ELECTRIC. CRAZY FUN! And it was very much because I have rarely had that much joy playing with two individuals. I will be finding every excuse to get the three of us back together.

And here is my local recommendation.

Jason and I met Russell and Charlie when I was performing on VACAYA. When we discovered they lived in Palm Springs, we decided to sneak in a lunch with them. Afterwards we went to see Russell’s art gallery. I couldn’t leave. I know a bit about Russell’s creative mind now and connecting the dots between the inner workings of his soul and the outer expression of his paintings – it’s genuinely interesting. And spiritual. If you’re ever around Palm Springs, stop into Ola Vista Studio and see Russell’s gorgeous paintings. Tell’m Levi sent you.

My artist tip from this tour stop.

Every artist is different and has their own way of making the world a brighter place. But many of us do not stop to check in with ourselves and revisit our why. Maybe you do not know your why. Why do you do this?  Why do you get before a crowd and tell stories through song or script?  Not every why has to be as deep as, say, the experience I shared in this entry – that’s just my calling – a why can be as simple as making people forget their troubles for a while. I’m not here to judge your why. I’m here to remind you to KNOW your why. And operate FROM your why.

I believe that part of being an artist is the inherent nature of art to heal. Therefore, it is not wrong to imply that you are called to use your gift to heal others. Have you ever asked yourself what that means for you? Have you ever considered what life has made you an authority on and how you might infuse that into your art and help someone with a similar journey? The universe has given you a unique spiritual resonance to accompany and support your specific gift. Consider how you will impact the consciousness of this planet as you decide to speak more deliberately from THAT resonance.

Photos below:

(top left to bottom right) LK Crew Members Fred and John with myself and Jason – The marquis at Palm Springs Cultural Center – Sound checking the piano – Stage view with LK Crew Member Rich elbows on stage – Performance shots by LK Crew members in the audience – Jason and Chantelle Barry – Myself and Jason with Chantelle and Emma Davis – Me and Anthony Ty Johnson on drums – Me and Josh Turner on upright bass – Jason and I with Charlie and Russell outside of Ola Vista Studio – Holiday gathering with LK Crew Members Jamie & Rich –  Getting microphone situated before giving Sunday talk – Jason and I flying to our next destination, Ogunquit, Maine.