Ogunquit and Columbus – 9th Annual Home for the Holidays Tour 2023

December 15th and 16th, 2023 – Mainestreet Ogunquit – One 90 minute act – solo acoustic performance. 

December 20th, 2023 – Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall – One 90 minute act – solo acoustic performance.

The set of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

No more beautiful than the cozy getaway town of Ogunquit. The highlight of the trip is reconnecting with our dear friend (and Emmy Award Winner) Chi Chi Rones of the Dueling Drag Divas along with our favorite guys Eddie, Anthony and Tyler of Mainestreet. You guys, thank you so much for giving Jason and I a way to spend time with the four of you in person. We love you madly. 

LK Crew members Jim, Candis, and George were there too, sitting in on soundcheck and getting some face to face time. So good to see them!

Come winter, Friday nights at Mainestreet Ogunquit are shy of selling out. Saturday was sold out. Intimate room, warm crowds. Altogether a smooth, satisfying trip with good friends around us. 

This was my first concert in Columbus, OH. 

Hosted by Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall, So grateful to everyone who came and got me so close to selling out my first time! I was told there was like, two seats left? I enjoyed all of you in the crowd so much. Good laughs. So much cutting up. Let’s do this a second time. Thank you for coming! 

Now, behind the scenes. I’ve gotten a bit spoiled. Typically showing up to a theater with a freshly tuned grand piano already miked, stage set, a veteran sound engineer already having a few basic dials set just waiting to tweak once he hears me play. 

I set the scene because some of you know that I am a walking I Love Lucy episode when trying to do much more than perform. 

This gig. This took me back to my KnockOUT Tour days. OG fans get that reference. I lugged my keyboard into the back of the car. Drove there. I loaded myself in. Literally had no idea how to get this new Nord keyboard ready to do a live show. That was the first Lucille Ball moment. I finally situated myself on stage. New sound person? My absolute ignorance of techy language was the next Lucy moment. No, that was definitely Lucy and Ethel. (Thanks for saving the day, Mitch.) And, showtime. 

Jason and I lugging that keyboard for three days? That was a comedy unto itself. And a few f bombs. Had I known, I would’ve gotten a Casio.

But Columbus…the people! Y’all were amazing. So fun and I can’t wait to see you again! 

Shout out to LK Crew member David Beach for coming with his sister! Terri and Ralph, you two are amazing – thanks for coming and bringing peeps. 

Local Recommendations. 

Columbus was too fast of an in and out, but I do have a great Ogunquit recommendation. Angelino’s Ristorante was my favorite restaurant there this particular visit. Excellent food. Excellent service. 

If you are ever in Ogunquit or Puerto Vallarta, you MUST see the Dueling Drag Divas show. Their PV shows are already sold out this year, so look for them to return to Ogunquit in April. 

A good artist tip. 

We artists cannot avoid paying our dues. It’s the toughest business. Years of hard gigs. Wearing all the hats. And unless you’re in your first three years, you’ve probably become a bit selective with how and where you make your money. I see you. I get it. But don’t ever think that there is some arrival point where all that magically disappears and the world chants, “Hail, the Queen.” That ain’t reality, princess. Especially not in this day and age where everyone is the star of their own show on social media. A long career is an ebb and flow. There are times when people roll the red carpet out for you. And more times when you have to go to Costco and buy your own. It’s a wise and delicate balance. Only you can teach bookers how to value you. But only you know where you’re willing to pick up more slack than you should. Being both royal and humble is a learned skill. And knowing yourself well enough to know where you’ll happily compromise, that takes time and experience. 

Some of the most rewarding experiences you will have as a performer may be the type of gigs where you’re peeing in an empty Gatorade bottle before you go on stage because there’s no artist bathroom. Let alone a green room. Don’t obsess about the appearance of things. It’s all about the quality of the conversation you’re having – artist to audience. And when that is on fire, the rest is pretty okay.

(Top to bottom, left to right)  – Emergency visit to Knoxville’s Bodhi Bodywork to treat the issues that arise from playing piano in a twisted formation. Ogunquit soundcheck. With LK Crew Member George Seylaz. Pics from Ogunquit show. Driving to Columbus. Green room in Columbus with a large angel behind me. Pics from Columbus performance. After the show. Jason and I flying back to Chicago.