Levi Meets The Cast of MDQ Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Few things are more fun to Jason and I than finding really cool theaters in charming locations with an engaged staff, heartfelt productions, and an openness to host a tour date of mine.

My in-laws live a short drive from Arlington Heights, IL. We always thought the area was quaint and heard good things about the folks at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre. So needless to say, we were thrilled to have them agree to host my show Broadway At The Keys on June 15th, 2024.

Matinee crowds are strong here. You know I’m flossing my teeth by 8:30pm and in bed by 9pm, so you don’t have to guess. I loved it. 3pm start and home by 6-ish! My kinda show! And a very good turn out for my first time visiting this area.

The show was a lot of fun for me. I shared two songs from my new musical in development. Response was very affirming as this month I move things forward.

But a huge perk to the day was meeting their talented cast of Million Dollar Quartet.  Check the video below.

My local recommendation.

If you ever go to a show here, and you certainly should, go early (or stay after your matinee) and enjoy Mago Grill. The best Mexican restaurant in the Northwest/Northern Chicago Suburbs, they have a 4.5 star rating. My friends fully enjoyed them after the show.

Artist tip.

Some cast showed up to see my Act 2. And of course, if one is ending their show with music from ones Tony winning role – in front of cast members who are carrying the show onward – one hopes ones piano bench doesn’t fall to the ground in the middle of the song, making any reliable left hand rhythm sketchy at best as one continues to play while trying to pick it back up and reclaim ones swag. But hey, when the swag ain’t swaggin’, you gotta get the joke.

Listen, if you’re a performer, you already know some of the best memories are the one’s where things go to shit. Learn to not only accept them, but if appropriate, draw the audience right into the moment and let them fully enjoy your imperfections. It is just one of those things that breaks down the wall between performer and audience member. Embrace it and use it to your advantage. They will always laugh with you, not at you.

The pic below is of my notecards set list I usually tape to the top of the piano.