FTL & Naples – 9th Annual Home For The Holidays Tour (2023)

December 1st – Abdo New River Room at Broward Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – solo acoustic set, 90 minute one act.

December 2nd – Unity of Naples, Naples Florida – solo acoustic set, 2 hour two act.

Bienvenidos a Miami. But really? Cause for about a decade of trying to make Fort Lauderdale happen I’ve had a booker disappear without paying me, a drag queen steal money from me, a cabaret permanently close the week of my gig and an unbroken streak of profound disorganization, poor marketing and general laziness. (You read my tour blog because I tell you how it really is out here!)

And I can tell you how it is from a positive standpoint this time because Fort Lauderdale was finally a step in a new and promising direction.

Jason and I enjoy booking shows near Miami. We used to live there and it’s a place that brings us sunshine and good vibes. Though cultivating a reliable following there is a never-ending mystery. Why is it that South Floridians NEVER respond to Facebook ads? Artists, see my previous post on how to ease the burden of expensive facebook ads. I’m very glad to say that our Fort Lauderdale show at the Broward Center’s Abdo New River Room sold out.

I stepped into my relationship with Abdo New River Room like a battered abuse victim, hesitant and waiting for the ol’ South Florida shuffle around every corner. I am happy to say that I found The Abdo New River Room ready to support my efforts to provide a unique and special night of music.  It was a very lovely experience that allowed me to give my all to that little room. Bravo Abdo New River Room! You make Fort Lauderdale a better place for performers.

I am grateful to have met this team and we are talking of a return to their Broadway series.

This show was the first on the tour without my band – a one-act solo acoustic performance. I always love having my band, but audience members really seem to love an intimate acoustic show like this. They were hands down the quietest crowd of the tour. Like, are you breathing?!!  But I never judge a crowd for that because they are always actually into it and this crowd was no different, offering a standing ovation at the end. They (quietly) had a wonderful time and their word of mouth will be helpful in having me return sometime. I would certainly work with this venue again. Gracious, lovely and supportive people. 💛 Peter, you were the best sound guy to work with – thank you.

Unity of Naples in Naples, Florida was and always is pure joy. Unity Of Naples is one of my favorite spiritual communities and doing my show there means I get to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with the audience. A Unity crowd is not afraid of spirituality. They will follow a song right into a conversation about the Divine within and how to be a vibrational match to a more expanded experience in life. I can tell them what my spiritual journey has been the last year and guide the show towards key inspirations and motivations that leave all of us feeling uplifted and energized. It is a GIFT. To me. And I believe my transparency and generosity of spirit is well received by them too. It’s gigs like this that all aspects of myself align into one harmonious expression. When I can combine my music, storytelling, acting, and my experiences as a licensed spiritual practitioner into a show with a healing message, that’s my sweet spot. And I believe, my calling. That’s the purest expression of service for me. I’m grateful that this community values that and appreciates our exchange when I’m there. I LOVE the folks of Unity of Naples.

In this video, you will see footage of Jason and I around Miami, the venue in Fort Lauderdale and our time with Unity of Naples. Below are photos with my brother in law and my sister in law. They met us in Miami for some brief hang time. Oh, and a pic at Buc-ee’s – our favorite road stop.

And here is your artist tip!

Artists, stop bringing your baggage to a gig! Develop the expectation that the universe supports you completely, even when your experience has been otherwise in the past. If you maintain the belief that “nothing works out in this situation”, the universe only knows “Your wish is my command!” To put it less woo woo – you’re always gonna find what you’re looking for and you know that’s true. So why not use your imagination, intention and the vibration of your positive speech to manipulate this web of illusion in your favor? Expect to find favor and you will find favor eventually. I’ll tell you a little secret. For exactly a year now, I have been implementing a practice that is a game changer. Days before a show, I will sit down in a quiet meditation and I imagine the entire show. I imagine myself walking out, going through song by song, feeling the energy of the room and imagining (with heightened emotion) my heart chakra wide open with pink light extending from me to every heart in the room. Feeling a connection that is real, human, and healing. Sitting in that visualization for a few minutes just feeling that love. Not a “they love me” love. Love that is “I believe art is capable of healing us.” Take this concept and make it your own however you do it. But for me, this has worked 100% of the time. Regardless of how the details differ from gig to gig, the way we all feel at the end of the show has been really cool to experience. What I’m trying to say is, don’t operate unconsciously when you’re showing up to be of service through music. Maintain your intention of service and decide that you are a conduit for love, regardless of the circumstances. You’ll be surprised how fulfilling your results become.

The only local recommendation I have.

First of all, let me save you some time. You are not going to find good brisket in Miami. Don’t try. We did. Several times. Epic fail.  But Jason, his brother and my sister-in-law did treat ourselves to a great steak restaurant that I would recommend to anyone. If you’re in Miami and you want a quiet early dinner at a cozy steakhouse, make sure to visit Palm restaurant. There are several locations. This was my first time. We had a quiet corner room and the service was perfect. The steak was too. I think you’ll have a great experience there.