There’s a fire in you that no past can put out.

For those of you who reside in the north, or those of you who share my northern European heritage, this is a sacred time of year.  The dark, icy tendrils of winter still grip the land, but we anticipate it’s harshness coming to an end.  Underneath the frozen earth, a season of growth is emerging.  As with the belly of the Mother, seeds are beginning to stir.  In the old world, herd animals have either given birth to the first offspring of the year or their wombs are swollen and the milk of life is flowing into their teats and udders. (My mom’s side of the family were cattle farmers, so I’m allowed to provide you with visuals in this department. 😉  It marks the center point of the dark half of the year.

Great.  I sound like a farmers almanac.  But go deeper with me here.

You can use this time of year to your advantage.  You can start making way for the new.  Take some time this week to light a candle and reflect on the things that are seeking birth or renewal through you.  Do you feel great with child creatively speaking?  Is there a flame within you that needs stoking?  Get mindful of what it is and start now taking steps toward it.  Prepare the way for it.  Whatever that means to you.  From now until the Spring equinox, this is the time to celebrate the fire/seed within you and prepare for it’s growth and renewal.  Use this energy to your advantage.  Do the work.  Now’s the perfect time.

This is a powerful week with the full moon in Leo (fire) and the emerging flame within you being a traditional theme of the season.  And as a true singer-songwriter, I’m bringing it back to a lyric of mine.  Always remember, there’s a fire in you that no past can put out.  Go listen to Let It Go again if you need to reconnect with that fire/seed that is seeking to express itself through you. Or just read the lyrics here.

Friends always know when I’m in tune with nature and the cycles of the seasons because I go off the grid this time of year.  It’s an inward time for me.  I invest in my daily spiritual practice and reflect on the things I wish to nurture more deliberately in the coming months.  There are a lot of new seeds, little flames in there.  I’m excited for you, fans and friends, to see them break through this spring.

That’s all for now.  This is your nature lovin’ hillbilly encouraging you to spend less time with your technology and more time outdoors.  Happy Imbolc/Charming Of The Plow.


Robert Murchison

Actually, this is just two stanzas of the poem inspired by your words: ” There’s a fire in you no past can put it out!” It is truly amazing that my poem is so in sync with what you are sharing here.

Yes, Mike got to read the poem in its entirety on Facebook and responded positively on Facebook! You, Mike, David and all your friends are definitely pretty amazing! Your talk about vibrational alignment on “The Psychology of Music” podcast inspired the stanza:

So be loyal to your calling,
Be authentically you.
Get in vibrational alignment
With Love’s essence in you.
With Love’s comforting guidance
You’ll know what to do.
And the time for the leaving
Will have ended for you.

The entire poem is on my Facebook site!

Looking forward to giving positive feedback on your new CD! It is you at your creative best! Very special! Take care, Levi!

Robert Murchison

There’s A Fire In You That No Past Can Put Out
( These words inscribed on your hoodie that thoughtful Mike Tristani gifted me with truly inspired me. Your words and Mike’s kindness were instrumental in my desire to take a good look at myself and make much needed changes!

I plan to meditate on these words during this very special time of year! ” Let It Go” is going to be my theme song for 2018!

“There are things to hold onto,
There are things to let go;
There are lessons on living,
We’re sent here to know.
When it’s time to begin again, Your heart let’s you know.
When it’s time for the leaving,
That’s when you must go.

There are beginnings and endings,
There is pain we all know.
There are times that betrayal
Has wounded our souls.
But a brand-new chapter
We must freely begin.
And say good- bye to the memories that enslave from within.”

– taken from my latest poem, “A Time for the Leaving,” a poem inspired by your words and Mike Tristani’s kindness!

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