After Hours with Roaman (EP94)

The traveling songster from Florence, Italy stayed with me a while longer after recording our main Imagine Paradise Podcast episode (airing April 18th) to show a more personal side. We had a good laugh at spirituality, religion, the inconsistency of humanity and why it's important not to take any of these things too seriously. Just the same, I find him to ... Read More

Rough Around The Edges: Live at Genghis Cohen

I had been living in Los Angeles for only a few months. Somehow I found a circle of Southern transplants - all rejects from other entertainment areas like Nashville and Atlanta. A reckless crew vowing to rise together or go down together. One evening, we were all walking down Melrose Avenue and saw an advertisement outside of the Zephyr theater. ... Read More

After Hours with Ray Davis (EP92)

Growing up in Compton, seeing a higher potential for music, and playing with Earth Wind and Fire - all discussions I had after hours with my guest Ray Davis. Enjoy getting to know Ray and his bright, bright light as he’ll be back for other episodes.  Once you see the actual podcast dropping in April, you will no doubt feel ... Read More

EP4-Revelation – Part 2

The May 17th, 2024 single, Revelation, continues to take shape as I explore further identifying the middle section breakdown, re-addressing the introduction and finding a feel-good sing-a-long vocal hook. I continue to be amazed at how sample libraries can provide such incredible performances for instruments I do not personally play. While the song is syncopated and soulful, the midsection heads ... Read More

Chicago, IL – 9th Annual Home for the Holidays Tour – Final Stop

It's always the final stop that gets the least vlogging love. Always barely enough energy to get to the finish line. Chicago was no different. Two great audiences and a great Christmas afterwards. No recommendations. Not artist tips this blog. Just a few photos, a vlog that didn't have a final moment, and a lot of rest. The 9th Annual ... Read More

Ogunquit and Columbus – 9th Annual Home for the Holidays Tour 2023

December 15th and 16th, 2023 – Mainestreet Ogunquit – One 90 minute act – solo acoustic performance.  December 20th, 2023 – Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall - One 90 minute act - solo acoustic performance. The set of a Hallmark Christmas movie. No more beautiful than the cozy getaway town of Ogunquit. The highlight of the trip is reconnecting with our ... Read More

After Hours with Beth Grant!

What a conversation to share with my motley Crew members! Beth was one of my first friends and professional influences alongside of Leslie Jordan and Dale Dickie when moving to Los Angeles. To this day, she’s still a main-stay in my life. Always checking in, cheering me on, and generally inspiring me with her work. In this full hour special … Read More

FTL & Naples – 9th Annual Home For The Holidays Tour (2023)

December 1st - Abdo New River Room at Broward Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - solo acoustic set, 90 minute one act. December 2nd - Unity of Naples, Naples Florida - solo acoustic set, 2 hour two act. Bienvenidos a Miami. But really? Cause for about a decade of trying to make Fort Lauderdale happen I’ve had a booker disappear without ... Read More

Queer Music Heritage Radio Interview – March 26th, 2007

Once again, radio host JD Doyle gives me another CD that is void of any audio. Therefore, I have included the transcript of the show below. But once again, JD Doyle conducts the best interviews. Reading back on this, two wonderful memories I was reminded of. The stacks of hand-made CD’s I would sell back then. The pride in that. … Read More