Now that my home base is my home town, I’ve been seeking to invest in local resources.  Local photographers, local musicians, videographers, and artists.  I gotta introduce you to this sweetheart.  This is Rachel Love.  She responded to an add I placed looking for a local photographer.  We hit it off instantly.  We had an all-day photo shoot in the mountains last week.  Currently, she is editing all the new images that will be used for my website, social media sites, and coming tour promotion.  Go here to check out her work.  She posted a behind the scenes video of our photo shoot together.

Here’s a fun piece of information.  I loved her eye for stories, so Rachel will be shooting my first music video for the new album Liberated at the end of February.  Want more behind the scenes stuff?  Keep an eye out for that new Patreon page coming soon!

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