LK Crew Zoom Hangs

I’ll never forget how meaningful it was for my members and I to have regular post-virtual concert Zoom hangs during the pandemic of 2020. (You can go back and see those virtual concerts here.)  Seeing faces and becoming better acquainted with those who are here supporting the ongoing creation of my art, it was another level. This is why I thought there could be no better way for me to make a more personal connection with members than setting aside an hour each week for us to hang out online.

It’s always chill, with the occasional inspirational moment of conversation. My goal is to leave everyone feeling happy and high vibe. Hopefully a refreshing break in your day.

Weekly Zoom information will always come directly to your inbox, so make sure you’ve whitelisted my email address so I’m not doomed to your spam folder.

I’m glad you’re here to join us. – LK