Studio Blog

Welcome to a new chapter in my life as a singer/songwriter. After eleven albums of relying on rushed producers working with my nearly nonexistent recording budgets to convey my musical ideas the best they knew how, I am now at the board. I am now the producer. The creator of my own art from the ground up. Being a music producer is a skill that is new to me, so you will no doubt see a marked improvement as you follow along with this blog single by single. But I’m already seeing that giving myself unlimited time and space to thoughtfully choose my musical palette with each new song I write is significantly defining who I am as an artist in today’s environment. I have fallen madly in love with music again and I think it shows. As vulnerable as it is to grow a skill in a public space, this is what I am most excited to share with you. My goal is to release six new singles every year – so you will see a constant musical evolution taking place by following this blog. And spoiler alert – all the coming singles for the next two years are songs from a new musical that I’ve been writing. Join me for a musical journey that is as new and unpredictable for me as it will be for you. Thank you for being here! -LK

All About Me – Produced
Crumbling – Sketch Ideas
EP6 – Revelation – Part 3
EP5 -Finding A Podcast Bumper
EP4-Revelation – Part 2
EP3 – Revelation Part 1
EP2 – Speed Session 2
EP1 – Speed Session