Soundcheck / Meet & Greet

If you’re coming to a live show as a top tier member, you are always invited to attend my soundcheck then hang out with me afterwards for a few minutes at the venue. Depending on the venue, soundcheck is anywhere from 2 to 4 hours before doors open. Sometimes members are unable to get to the venue that early or they just don’t want to. In this case, I will let you know if we have a ticketed meet and greet before the show and someone will escort you in. Ticketed meet and greets generally start 90 minutes before showtime and last a strict thirty minutes – leaving me with my hour to get ready for the show. Last case scenario, if there is no ticketed meet and greet, the time frame still applies – 90 minutes before showtime and within that strict thirty minute window.

This is fun! If the show you will be attending is general admission, filling out the form below will allow us to reserve the best seats in the house for you and your plus one. Go ahead and submit the information below and I look forward to seeing you in person soon!