Listening Room

From the Christian album I toured around the country at 13 years old to the library of demos I collected over years of courting record labels, it’s all here. Most of it anyway. You now have access to over 100+ tracks of unreleased album cuts, songwriting demos, producer demos, acoustic performances, live recordings, unreleased soundtracks and personal song commissions. The raw and rough beginnings are now at your fingertips. The best way to enjoy this playlist regularly is to download the Soundcloud app on your phone. Soundcloud is the best app for all of my members-only audio releases. Download the app, create an account, and add this playlist to your profile. If you like it, listen to all your favorite artists on Soundcloud as their new payment system is significantly more fair to artists than Spotify or Apple Music.

I never stop to listen back to old recordings. I’m too obsessed with how the next endeavor can be better than the previous. Especially now that I’m producing my own songs – follow that journey here. But if you’re a music nerd like I am with my favorite artists, you’ll appreciate seeing the evolution of lyrics and melody that come through this collection of rarities. -LK