Imagine Paradise: After Hours

Imagine Paradise Podcast had its first episode on March 3rd, 2020. For the first two years it was called The Church of Kreis Podcast and focused on metaphysical themes such as law of attraction, mental science and daily spiritual practices. The following year I made each episode a deep dive into a lyric of mine and the spiritual intention behind some of my most loved songs. Year three brought another shift in focus as I devoted most of that year to stories of sobriety, including the journey of my Emmy Award winning pal Leslie Jordan whose friendship inspired my own sobriety. After my 90th episode, I simply had to take a break and find my passion again. Finally Imagine Paradise Podcast is back with a renewed sense of purpose. It is my goal to create a corner of entertainment culture where artists are encouraged to use their gifts to activate a higher consciousness on this planet. I’ll introduce you to singer/songwriters and actors who hear a higher call and are motivated to make art that elevates our spirit and connects us to our highest divine self. I’ll also give a special episode to every new single I release so you know the backstory and the spiritual message behind the lyric. This is going to be a good way for you to enjoy the #consciousmusic culture that is growing every day.

As a member supporting this podcast, come here to see your exclusive “after hours conversation” before the actual episode goes live. This is gonna be so fun. – LK

After Hours with Roaman (EP94)
After Hours with Ray Davis (EP92)
After Hours with Kris Bradley (EP91)
After Hours with Will Caminada (EP93)
After Hours with Tom G #sobernation
After Hours with Beth Grant!