Quarterly One-on-One

The calendar below is your friend as a top tier member. It’s always located here and it’s always updated to ensure that you and I get our one on one time every three months. The dates available will be highlighted for you. Once you select a highlighted date, you can choose from the time slots that appear. If none of those time slots work for you on that particular day, you can simply select another day. Use the arrows right and left of the month to advance or go back a month. You can book me anytime within the next 90 days. Your booked date automatically populates on both my google calendar and apple calendar. Day of, we click the zoom link, grab a coffee, and hang out for a half hour.

In my experience, top tier members are those angel donors who believe in me personally and advocate for the message of self love and acceptance that often threads through my content. They often want to more aggressively contribute to the development of my art – for instance, the new musical, upcoming music releases and live events. I can’t help but want to know more about you as well. Of all the membership perks, this one is my absolute favorite. So, I’ll leave you to get us on your calendar. Talk to you soon! -LK