“Yours” – Russell Dickerson Cover

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Originally created for patrons at Patreon at July 27th, 2018 at 5:31am

Thank God, I’m Yours.

Patrons. You’re making this year a rockin’ year! Today, I’m introducing the first single to a series of acoustic covers. Between me, you guys and gals, I’m in Nashville writing regularly and looking for some marketable country hits for next year. It’s super helpful to be able to point to songs happening in the market that are a natural fit for me. I’ve been in love with this song all year because it’s so how I feel about my better half. I love what is going on in country music right now and I’ve said this a hundred times this month 👉🏼 I AM BACK IN LOVE WITH WHAT I DO! ❤️ I know I know, it’s not me to carry on about the stagnation I have felt for the last 4 years musically. You guys, I feel 12 years old again. And NOW has been the moment to create, to lay groundwork, to ENJOY what I do once more. I really owe it to all of you for giving the support I need in what is truly truly the most important year for me personally. Thank you! And btw, this song should be on all your streaming services today. Love you guys! Thank God, I’m YOURS>