“Too Deep to Go Down” Music Video (Patreon Exclusive)

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on August 28, 2019 at 12:17pm

Created For Patrons.

I love being able to make exclusive content for ya’ll. It’s really fun to know that while I’m hyping up future releases on social media, that I get to sneak over here into this corner of my world and make something only ya’ll know about. I’ve still been attracted to making more Liberated videos, so I teamed up with Rachel to see what we could do for you.

I hope you enjoy! Tomorrow I’ll post a meaty update about how plans are developing for the new music, what’s become the focus, what is appearing to be effective or ineffective, etc. The most important thing I’m finding from my conversations with the pros is one…simple…word Interaction. If ya’ll are not interacting with content across social media, then you are telling the algorithms that my content is not valuable enough for the platform to send my posts to other peoples feed. Therefore, it won’t. Interaction. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, mostly importantly on Spotify and Apple Music, it is the one word that I hear ad nauseam from marketers, playlist promoters, etc. It is literally the #1 goal right now for every creator.

I was going to share that more in tomorrows post, but since I tripped over it, please please follow me on Spotify, even if you do not use Spotify. And I know all of you are already on my FB and IG feeds. I know most all of you are Apple Music users. So, more on all this later.

Previews tonight for Million Dollar Quartet, then we open on Friday night. Courting other acting projects in development. The hustle continues and is on point.

Hope ya’ll are having a fantastic week. And thank you for another month of supporting this new music project. All of your monthly contributions go towards FB advertising budget and paying the marketing team to help push the new single.

Onward and forward friends. xo levi