“Tell Me Twice” – Official Music Video

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on October 29, 2020 at 3:08pm

I officially have no shame. LOL

Hey Patrons! I hope you’re ready for the November rain. I just said that because I’m in this Guns N Roses mood today. Some of you are already getting snow, and that sucks, and I am sending you thoughts and prayers. 😉

Hey! A few things to know…

  • This video will not be released to the public until March/April. So it’s our little secret.
  • I’ve had to pull the plug on all “growth strategies”, which means I concluded season one of the podcast and also the Sunday FB Live streams. No need in going through all that work when there isn’t a budget to push the content out to the maximum amount of people. We’ll resume The Church Of Kreis Podcast and Three Song Sunday on Facebook around March/April. Till then, please binge listen if you haven’t heard it yet.
  • Because I have to temporarily suspend all marketing and growth strategies, I see this as a great opportunity to take a HUGE mental break from social media. You may see me in the back end of FB making a little post/ad for an upcoming show, but I won’t be tending to comments and messages there. I’m taking advantage of this moment to literally delete the apps from my phone and breathe. The cool thing is it makes me completely yours here on Patreon and I will be even more active here because of this.

I guess that’s all for now. Any more than 3 bullet points and we all go numb.

I love ya’ll, and appreciate you all being here so so so so much.

Okay, I can’t not say it. My book writer and I are official and we’re three weeks in to devouring this musical. There is a plan in place with a great timeline that will be here before you know it. More on that…next time!