Second City to Vegas – Reno

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Hey Crew! When you read this I will have already been through Salt Lake City and Las Vegas as well. Currently writing you from Vegas where I got to take a much needed personal day and spent time with Jason, Anjie and Kim. Reno was quite the experience and was yet again reinforcement that there is truly nothing glamorous about touring a Broadway musical. And with only three more cities to go, I am as happy to leave as I am grateful for the opportunity.

Reno was at the height of my pain with the plantar fasciitis that developed from wearing the cheap Amazon shoes they gave me for my costume. I wasn’t very active here nor in previous cities. Fun fact, to prove a point about my shoes and the very serious condition of my feet, I went out on stage in Reno with my gym shoes and the Hermes suit. Did the whole week in sneakers. Crazy.

Gratefully Terri and Jason were in Reno to help make the trip a bit more bearable.

As usual, Jason brings the party wherever he goes. Enjoy!