LGBTQ+ Center – Full Show (Live with Band)

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on November 6, 2019 at 4:07pm

Patreon Exclusive Viewing – Live Show

Patrons! I wanted to tell ya’ll about this beforehand, but I wasn’t sure I’d pull it off. I was able to get a video of last weekend’s performance. This is a kind of show you’ll never see again – honestly. Why?

I speak to them as my spiritual community, not as a regular audience. With that said, I speak between songs with an authority that is encouraging, yes, but also rather pointed in its challenge.

The backstory is this. The Chicago New Thought community is my spiritual home. You will hear me articulate to what extent this teaching has helped me make radical changes in my life. But back in the day, as I moved into positions of service to the community, I encountered some inappropriate things. When I saw it was hurting others, I spoke truth to the powers that be. I was removed that day. Eventually, I was one of many casualties – people who knew things weren’t right and dared to speak – to their demise. So many people were broken by this particular leader – who eventually left town – taken over by another ambitious “spiritual teacher” with a, uhm, determined personal agenda. Here we are years later and no one has offered the community any transparency, humility, or opportunity to heal.

Cityside is a new community consisting of many of those congregation members. I needed to find a place within myself that would be of service in the purest possible way, obviously acknowledging that I had my own baggage. What you’ll here is the result of me making a concerted effort to surrender my ego, my wounds, my judgements and hopefully allow something bigger than me to flow through. It was affirming and positive no doubt, but it was also a call to cut the mediocrity and re-ignite our commitment not only to this teaching, but to each other! I won’t lie, there were moments where I think I was making Jason and Anjie a little nervous. LOL.

For the record, it’s a fun show. Knowing the backstory just makes it mean more – and explains why the unabashed preacher in me came through in full force!

Oh, and here’s my band! Not sure you’ve heard them before. OR this setlist!

Thanks again for your patronage. I shoot videos to both Faith and Bad Habit come January because of you all being here and making it possible.


  1. No Apologies (New Version you haven’t heard before)
  2. Three Words
  3. Timeless (We Are)
  4. Standing Tall
  5. Gonna Be Alright
  6. Bad Habit
  7. Ain’t Nobody
  8. World’s Apart (with Jason Antone)
  9. Liberate You
  10. Deeper Love

Drums – Vance
Bass – David
BGV’s – Ameerah and Simbryt