Key Note Speech: What Makes You Unique, Makes You a Commodity

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on February 26, 2020 at 8:24pm

What Makes You Unique, Makes You A Commodity.

I was preparing for my first audition for what I just announced I will now be headlining. So much was going on in my head. The kids were so enthusiastic and receptive! But I do believe sometimes, when we are being of service to others, we realize we also need to re-hear what is coming out of our own mouths. Never forget that you are a unique expression of the Divine for a reason! Someone, somewhere is picking up what you’re putting down – and if not for your unique perspective, they might never hear what you offer.

The first half, as you suspect, are my stories and jokes to warm them up, some of which many of you are familiar with. The back half of this video is where to meat is – where the message, the challenge, the connection happens. I’m proud of these kids. They get it, and you hear it!

So grateful for you all this month. I hope you loved the new music video for “Faith”. It was possible ONLY because of ya’ll. And I’m already making plans for what we’ll do with the title track of the new EP Bad Habit.

Onward! This year is going to really matter because you guys are the wind at my back. And so grateful for it.

xo LK