Jason Hosts Behind the Scenes – “Home For the Holidays” (2021)

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It took two days to get the raccoon out of the theatre. It was roaming around on stage, backstage, the green room, curling up in wardrobe and drinking from the toilets. No lie.

The 7th Annual Home For The Holidays Tour only had one stop this year – Oak Ridge Playhouse.

I was surprised that Hadestown gave me the show weekend off. And it was so appreciated as the audiences packed in regardless of masking and social distancing.

Here, my husband Jason Antone, takes you backstage for a few shenanigans.

The consensus amongst show-goers is that they really loved the intimate show with just me, a piano and story. I am looking to keep next year acoustic as well.

Already starting the set list actually so let me know if you have any grand ideas for song choices!

Happy Holidays, LK Crew. I love you.