Broadway at the Keys – Act Two

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Originally posted for patrons on October 15, 2019 at 10:01am

Broadway At The Keys – Act 2

Patrons, thank you for this months subscriptions and contributions. I got a wonderful amount of direct messages saying how much you all enjoyed having the concert footage last month, so I convinced the sound guy to send over the second act for me. The files were raw from his camera and HUGE so initially he was not able to send over the evening in it’s entirety. Fortunately we now have it all.

About an hour of music once again, this time with songs from my childhood plus the songs Anytime (I Am There), Neverland, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Whole Lotta Shakin’, Wind Beneath My Wings, and a lot of stories (including that one about that actor guy) Enjoy!

All of these exclusive Patreon videos are uploaded to YouTube at “Unlisted”. Finding them again without going through old Patreon posts would be a hassle. Consider making a YouTube Playlist of these videos so they are always available to you. If you like that idea and you want me to make a post that lists all the exclusive video links in one place, I can comb back through and do that for ya’ll.

Thank you once again. You are making a HUGE difference and so needed right now. Next month I have to make a music video for Faith. Shortly thereafter, a video for Bad Habit.

In the spring, I’ll continue the momentum with music videos for Tell Me Twice and Standing Tall.

All of which has to be the quality of Three Words.

Music videos aren’t for vanity purposes or a one time post on YouTube and Facebook. Every video is broken up into about twenty four 15 second and 30 second video ads that are aggressively targeting new fans around the world. I’m currently up to an average of 200 new followers on Spotify per week. That’s brand new ears, new fans who are super on fire to hear what I do for the first time and they are streaming the music enthusiastically. Frankly, I haven’t seen this level of enthusiasm in a few years. So videos sell me to strangers and increase my audience and potential revenue. When you use them the way that my marketing guy is using them. All that to say, all of this is making a significant difference. You are making a significant difference. Growth is finally not a hope. It’s happening!

Have a great week, everyone. xo -LK