Broadway at the Keys – Act One

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on September 28, 2019 at 4:18pm

Patreon Exclusive – Broadway At The Keys


I was able to get video of my Broadway At The Keys show at the Clarence Brown Theater! I know many of you have not seen this show so I wanted you to have the chance.

It’s a little over an hour, so save it for when you can throw it up on your TV and enjoy it.

Thanks again for this months support! I wrote you all earlier this week to let you know that Three Words is reaching a record number of new people due to a great strategy of Facebook Ads a record label music marketer is working on with me. The ads are putting 15 and 30 second versions of my music video in front of targeted folks across the world and drawing them over to my Spotify and Instagram. I am told this is how every new label artist builds their new fan base. Along with stuff like…

…Have you seen when I’m posting about other topics on my Instagram like paleo, nature, sobriety or genx stuff? People who follow these hashtags are coming over to my account because of the value I provide on these non-musical topics, but then are discovering my music and converting to customers! So, what seems arbitrary is all a part of a net we are constantly casting to reach a certain kind of customer.

So much cool strategy I could share, but never wanna bore you guys with backend conversation.

Next month, be sure to check your patron messages and videos as you will be with me through the making of the music video for the next single Faith. Your patronage will support the making of this music video and as usual, I will be taking you all behind the scenes for an exclusive look.

You guys are making such a huge difference being here during this six month new music rollout campaign. We’re doing good work and bringing a lot of new fans to the table. It’s the most significant wave of new fans I’ve seen in years. Really amazing, so thank you for being here!

Happy Autumn!!!