Behind the Scenes: Liberated Photo Shoot

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Originally Posted for Patrons at Patreon on FEB 23, 2018 AT 1:54 PM

Behind The Scenes: The Photoshoot

I’m grateful to have something like this, patrons. Many people on my social media barely engage with my music because they have no personality to associate it with. Videos like this introduce them to me and help to move them from casual fans to more curious fans.

I learned a lot from this first, humble effort. Some audio equipment to invest in, some other corrections. But nonetheless, quite enjoyable. It also includes songs from the new album, so that will get ears to hear the new music.

In the works:

-March 13th shoot is confirmed. Multiple #1 hit country artist Ty Herndon has confirmed his presence as interviewer in the first in-depth interview I have done in years. A few years ago, Ty came out to Nashville and the country music community. Since then, he has been an important presence in this genre and will be receiving an HRC Award on March 17th of this year. This is an interesting pair-off. Ty has been moving away from country into LGBT media while I’m doing the opposite, moving away from LGBT media to establish myself in the country music world. This interview is about coming back home and reclaiming what was rightfully mine. Reclaiming what I was denied years ago as a little gay kid. I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say to me as well. Three camera shoot.

-“Nobody In His Right Mind” Official Music Video. Concepts are still being determined and storyboarding will complete next week. No exact date confirmed, but it will shoot in March. Rachel Love will be creating this with me.

I can’t wait to talk to you on the Creative Crew to hear what you think about these March shoots and hear ideas about what YOU want to see as patrons.

In an ongoing effort to add value to your experience here, I sent Rob at my recording studio all the recorded tracks from my recent shows in Puerto Vallarta. “Piano Men” was a show where I pulled the curtain back on the songwriting process and revealed how the hits by our most famous piano men have informed and inspired some of my most successful songs. Expect that very soon as a free gift from me to you. I’ll post it here on Patreon, and nowhere else.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey! Because of the ongoing support of patrons like you, it is confirmed that I am recording a Christmas Album in July and releasing it by Christmas this year! So excited about this, and of course YOU will have all the first-looks and exclusive content that no one else will.

In a world where every indie artist is wrestling the utterly hateful facebook algorithms to reach even a fraction of their audience, I want to thank you all for making me feel valued and investing in my growth. Love ya’ll.