Behind the Scenes: Initial Concepts for “Bad Habit”

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on May 20, 2020 at 4:12pm

If you like to eavesdrop on the creative process, this is my first conversation with Corey Andolina of Andofilms regarding the new music video for “Bad Habit”. The first concept that brought us into this conversation was a bit raw and too literal around drug abuse, in my opinion. The concept we discover in this conversation is still a bit raw, but in my minds eye, I see dressing it up to be more pop-y, colorful, less dark. I.E. the symbols may be dark on paper, but the execution is more performance based, tongue in cheek, colorful, an undercurrent of humor. With that said, ya’ll know I welcome Jason’s opinion because he’s always right. As of today, he’s not in love with this. He thinks it should have what he calls a “hero moment”. And a couple of other symbols that seem too in your face. I’ll be woodshedding with Jason over the weekend so that I can go back to Corey with revised ideas.

The end result is never quite like the initial conversation. Enjoy the process, Patrons!

love, lk