Behind the Scenes – “Hadestown” San Francisco

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I guess if there is anything I would add to my documentation of San Francisco it would be that the day after I wrapped shooting this video I tested positive for covid again. This is now the fourth time. I write to you now from quarantine, even though I already tested negative three days ago. I won’t be back in the show until July 2nd, leaving me to enjoy the three final shows at the Orpheum Theatre.

I miss working with Nicholas something terrible. Also, you may want to check in with my podcast Imagine Paradise (Season 3, Episode 10) where I share a bit about what my experience is of being an addict in the middle of the Tenderloin area of San Fran, how it effects me and the very strong opinions I now have about failed city policies and the drug problem they do not deal with. (As I write this, I record that episode tomorrow – should be a very enlightenment one when you hear the guest I have.)

Last day with Hadestown – September 25th. As of today, 2 months and 27 days!

Cheers everyone!