Behind the Scenes: 6th Annual “Home for the Holidays” Special

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Originally posted for patrons at Patreon on December 16th, 2020 at 10:57am

The Show Goes On! – Here’s a Behind The Scenes Look


I hope this finds you very well. I know many of you probably don’t know much about this upcoming streaming event, so I thought I would put together a special behind the scenes look for you.

This show is a silly, 50’s sitcom inspired holiday special featuring Connie Lee And Ronnie Kreis in their acting debut! Jason has a role as well. And of course, there is a ton of holiday music. has all the info you need if you’re planning on attending.

First shows are this Friday and Saturday with follow-up shows on the 23rd and 24th. There are pre-show meet and greets as well.

BIG hug! Ya’ll be good. LK