EP7 – Selfish 2024 vs Selfish 2001

Posting this video was the first time I’ve experienced people tearing down my character online.

I mean, people have come for me before, but never to the degree of questioning my sobriety. It started with one guy saying that something with my eye looked weird in this video. He simply floated the idea of me having work done. Ya’ll can probably tell that the only thing I’ve ever done is the occasional botox…and frankly I wish I did it more often. LOL. But the comment following that one was from some queen who “in all concern” wondered if I was still sober. Of course that got attention and others chimed in with their concern as well.

I wish I would have screen shot the post and comments and made a teaching moment out of it online. But instead of preserving it, I deleted the video you see here.

Yes, it was dumb to post this. After all, NOBODY knows EITHER of these songs. It’s completely off brand for me. But being a huge NSYNC fan, I thought this was such a clever idea and was having so much fun that maybe I was a bit much. LOL

Whatever. I did it because of this right here.

Remember the speed sessions in the Studio Blog’s where I test my skill by giving myself thirty minutes to whip up a music production from scratch?  I wanted to see how fast I could wake up with an idea, arrange it, play the piano, bass, drums, arrange both vocal parts, lay it down, mix it, master it, grab camera, lip sync until perfect, edit the videos, use CapCut to put something together and post.  After all, that routine is about to be my life with every new single I release. So I was curious how fast I could do it.

Three hours.  Three hours for all of it. I felt so proud of myself. Then I left to do other work, came back, and thought, hmmmm, this post isn’t landing. With anyone. Except pop music geeks like myself.

Then there was the facebook thread.

Now, telling you the backstory makes sense because you know I’m learning how to move fast through the process of music production to media.

Moments like this though?  I spiraled.  It’s the kind of thing that makes me NEVER want to post. Yet I am now trying to accept the fact that NOTHING matters musically if you can’t create nonstop social media content around it online – which is what I’m about to start doing daily.

So, enjoy. I thought it was cool. You’ve likely never heard of either song. But, hey. You know I take the occasional tangent. This time, all to test my speed at some new skills. LOL.