EP4-Revelation – Part 2

The May 17th, 2024 single, Revelation, continues to take shape as I explore further identifying the middle section breakdown, re-addressing the introduction and finding a feel-good sing-a-long vocal hook.

I continue to be amazed at how sample libraries can provide such incredible performances for instruments I do not personally play. While the song is syncopated and soulful, the midsection heads down a country road and back again. I wanted to commit to that by adding some banjo and pedal steel. I think it will create an interesting juxtaposition to the pop/soul vocals I intend to do on this record.

The next two sessions will likely be vocals.  The lead vocal and I am hearing a LOT of “gang vocals” and harmonies on this.

Check out the mp3 of my session so far.

Remember, this is no where near what you’ll hear in the end! Unlike your typical “Hey, look at my process” videos, this is actually for real not done.

Soon it shall be.