EP1 – Speed Session

Catching you up on personal growth milestones as a producer, I’m reaching back to October of 2023 with the results of what came out of a thirty minute speed session from my producing courses. Intended for instant immersion and zero time for personal judgement, I was told to pick a song as my reference track, format my song accordingly, but then find my own chord progressions, my own melodic hooks, my own vibe.

I put Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), formatted, and tried not to overthink.

Anytime I’ve seen producers do this, – most of them use a reference track when they’re starting a song –  it never turns out sounding like the reference track. That’s a great thing actually. Not that there aren’t similarities in the color palette and formula, but the song usually begins to take on sensibilities unique to the one producing.

I like the result enough to share it. I feel like one day I’ll put a lyric and melody to it and finish it? Personally, it was this moment that made me realize the importance of not being so precious about this process, follow my gut, and have FUN!

It’s a vibe. Can you make up a pop melody and lyrics over it?