Crumbling – Sketch Ideas


I just thought I would share how sometimes I sketch a song when it doesn’t exist yet.

Crumbling is (likely) going to be Matthew’s final song of Act 1. (The final Act 1 song is Levi’s)

It’s a mid-tempo and a sweet melody, but as you can tell, suspended in air while Armageddon explodes around him.

So as you listen to the sound palette, imagine slow motion destruction all around him.

Here are the existing lyrics and a peek at my private self-reminder of the concept of the song:

Am I walking through an alternate reality

A parallel universe that wants to fuck with me

I thought I had a relationship with destiny

What a sinister twist of synchronicity

Ooh, never saw it coming, now everybody’s running

Like it’s the end of the world and

Ooh, a thousand fatal whispers

 A crowd of pointing fingers

And I’m the …..?



All of it crumbling

My whole world is crumbling

Songwriting notes: Matthew is not prepared for such an instant and brutal severing from his identity, support system, or purpose. It all just disappears. But not from others apathy. But rather, their rejection. Cast away from family, friends, mentors, my Christian music peers, groups. Amputation. Spontaneous combustion. Watching your house burn. Cancer. Virus. On campus, he went from spotlight to invisible. The one to avoid. Shut down. No one loved him through his questions. No one even asked him what he needed to sort things out. Crumbling. One building at a time. Watching one by one fall to a pile of rubble. In slow motion. Terms for end of the world. Stand back. Watch the rooftops burn. Light up the light with ember. Watch as my world is crumbling. Watch me crumbling. 

I needed a vibe, chords and mock singing.  You’ll hear the lyrics that I started but everything else is just gibberish.

Save this song and Levi’s final Act 1 song, Act 1 is done.