All About Me – Produced

Hey Crew, if you saw the voice memo of the last post, then you're ready to push play below and hear the finished product. If you did NOT read/listen to the last studio blog post, go do that now. Your experience here will be better. It is possible that I will remix or remaster before releasing this. And also, please ... Read More

All About Me – Voice Memo and Lyrics

This is my initial voice memo of the second song, All About Me. I just pounded this out on the upright piano in my living room so I would remember what was in my head.  Today is Sunday, June 30th, 2024. Since last Tuesday, I’ve spent every moment of my time building out the production of this song  - from ... Read More

Crumbling – Sketch Ideas

Crew! I just thought I would share how sometimes I sketch a song when it doesn't exist yet. Crumbling is (likely) going to be Matthew's final song of Act 1. (The final Act 1 song is Levi's) It's a mid-tempo and a sweet melody, but as you can tell, suspended in air while Armageddon explodes around him. So as you listen ... Read More

EP7 – Selfish 2024 vs Selfish 2001

Posting this video was the first time I've experienced people tearing down my character online. I mean, people have come for me before, but never to the degree of questioning my sobriety. It started with one guy saying that something with my eye looked weird in this video. He simply floated the idea of me having work done. Ya'll can ... Read More

EP6 – Revelation – Part 3

After getting Jason to do a ton of backup vocals, I spent the week doing an initial mix of the song. Sadly, I realized my ears still need more training and I need to hire a mixing and mastering engineer.  I've prepared all the individual tracks along with extensive notes. Below, you can hear where I was at and read ... Read More

EP5 -Finding A Podcast Bumper

If you saw EP1 of the Studio Blog, you read about a thirty minute speed session I did as an exercise for knowing my way around Logic Pro X and creatively learning to move with the flow. While the format and structure was inspired by a Swift song, it became its own vibe - almost like lo-fi study music if ... Read More

EP4-Revelation – Part 2

The May 17th, 2024 single, Revelation, continues to take shape as I explore further identifying the middle section breakdown, re-addressing the introduction and finding a feel-good sing-a-long vocal hook. I continue to be amazed at how sample libraries can provide such incredible performances for instruments I do not personally play. While the song is syncopated and soulful, the midsection heads ... Read More

EP3 – Revelation Part 1

On May 17th, I begin releasing a new single every two months. If you were an LK Crew Member last year, you heard me break down the writing session for a song called Revelation.  I'll link to that writing session as well, but below is me in the studio today.  You'll also find an mp3 of where I'm at in the ... Read More

EP2 – Speed Session 2

In the same spirit of Episode 1, this exercise was to grab a concept and give myself no more than one hour to realize an idea. Again, the point is to really learn your way around, stop being precious about everything, and start finding a flow. I recommend this approach to ANY of you looking to get out of your … Read More

EP1 – Speed Session

Catching you up on personal growth milestones as a producer, I’m reaching back to October of 2023 with the results of what came out of a thirty minute speed session from my producing courses. Intended for instant immersion and zero time for personal judgement, I was told to pick a song as my reference track, format my song accordingly, but … Read More