After Hours with Roaman (EP94)

The traveling songster from Florence, Italy stayed with me a while longer after recording our main Imagine Paradise Podcast episode (airing April 18th) to show a more personal side. We had a good laugh at spirituality, religion, the inconsistency of humanity and why it's important not to take any of these things too seriously. Just the same, I find him to ... Read More

After Hours with Ray Davis (EP92)

Growing up in Compton, seeing a higher potential for music, and playing with Earth Wind and Fire - all discussions I had after hours with my guest Ray Davis. Enjoy getting to know Ray and his bright, bright light as he’ll be back for other episodes.  Once you see the actual podcast dropping in April, you will no doubt feel ... Read More

After Hours with Kris Bradley (EP91)

Why The Relaunch With A New Concept? I want your IP After Hours installments to be told as the story of a new community building endeavor. We start the new season of the podcast with my producer coach and creative mentor, Kris Bradley, whose courses and conversations have pushed me to dig deeper in every aspect. As it relates to Imagine Paradise ... Read More

After Hours with Will Caminada (EP93)

Crew! Are you ready to see the lighter side of our recent expert? Before I have some fun with our Imagine Paradise Podcast guest Will Caminada, I have to tell you the coolest thing. He teaches a great course entitled Introduction To Channeling and he created a discount code exclusively for LK Crew Members. If you are aware of the art of channeling … Read More

After Hours with Tom G #sobernation

Hey Crew. Another great dose of #sobermotivation for you. Tom G and I share very similar journeys. I first recorded this to be on the main podcast, but it felt too personal – I think because I see my journey so much in his – so I am adding to our IP After Hours library. Enjoy. And the next enstallments … Read More

After Hours with Beth Grant!

What a conversation to share with my motley Crew members! Beth was one of my first friends and professional influences alongside of Leslie Jordan and Dale Dickie when moving to Los Angeles. To this day, she’s still a main-stay in my life. Always checking in, cheering me on, and generally inspiring me with her work. In this full hour special … Read More