Tour Promo Shoot

Preparing for my first tour By now, I knew I was going to be going on a national tour with Eric Himan to promote my debut album One Of The Ones. He was a machine - devouring cities and getting great press along the way - so I reached out to a friend for promotional photos. Peter Randolph Photography took ... Read More

The Knockout Tour Presents: The KnockOUT Tour- Featuring Eric Himan and Levi Kreis (Official Press Release) - Tue Feb 28 13:34:43 CST 2006 and PlanetOut Presents: The KnockOUT Tour featuring Eric Himan and Levi Kreis Eric Himan was named to the 2005 OUT 100 list. With five independent releases under his belt and topping 10K cd's sold nationally, Eric has been ... Read More

Advocate Magazine

As a boy slipping away from his small town to discover a new gay world, The Advocate was the authority on everything queer. Their mention of my new album and the KnockOUT Tour was rather insignificant, but in that moment it felt important to me. But what was more fun was seeing readers write in to respond to how insignificant ... Read More

Frontiers Magazine – February 14th, 2006

The Chosen One Former teen gospel star Levi Kreis reinvents himself as a soulful singer/songwriter - by Ken Knox I remember this vividly. This was the first time I realized that interviewers often do not recall information correctly. I was personally devastated to see him mistake Vanderbilt University and my pre-college scholarship program for what was actually Belmont. I took ... Read More