It Is Well With My Soul

Listen on Spotify When peace like a river, attendeth my way When sorrows like sea billows roll Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say It is well, it is well, with my soul It is well With my soul It is well, it is well with my soul Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come Let this ... Read More

Same Ol’ Me

Listen on Spotify Turn the music low Find some candlelight Maybe this could be a change from every other night Check the mirror once For the seventh time Maybe you′ll remind me what your kisses are like Some say the years can make love too familiar Maybe I'm no longer what you desire But it′s still the same ol me ... Read More

U Found Me

Listen on Spotify I never thought I was one of the lucky ones I put my heart in places it didn′t belong Well I guess you never find it if you never try God knows I must have tried about a million times And as soon as I shut love out of my life Finally you found me And now ... Read More

We’re Okay

Listen on Spotify It was so easy then We were the best of friends Those days of innocence Were beautiful and kind You held my little hand Till I became a man Must have been hard to watch me Leave your dreams behind But beliefs do what they’re made to do Dividing those of different views But I believe love ... Read More


Listen on Spotify Open your eyes to the Futurelove Open your eyes to the Futurelove You may not like the road I'm walkin' But that don't mean I'm right and you're wrong We're just two in a world of interpratations So what's the point in me cuttin' you off There's a bigger picture And the time is now We need ... Read More

In The Name Of God

Listen on Spotify I feel a righteous anger when I look at you You've fallen too far to comprehend the truth And my truth won't allow me to comprimise So I pray that I'm granted the power On the day that I level your towers To see faith restored when your children die And be justified In the name of ... Read More

Bittersweet Salvation

Listen on Spotify You told me nothing good would I find inside You told me of redemption for such a worm as I I threw myself upon the body of your Christ Abhorring all I was, and all I felt inside I held a standard any saint had ever set Three hours of daily prayer didn't even clear my head ... Read More

Say It Loud

Listen on Spotify Now that you got me in your stereo Pump me, pump me till your tweeters blow No reason I should hold shit back now It's time that I let it all hang out Used to think that God was all about fear "Guilty, guilty!" That's what I would hear "Be like this! Boy you should be ashamed." ... Read More

The Reckoning

Listen on Spotify I've turned the key to Pandora's box And I'll never be forgiven The skeletons are taking on a life of their own Unapologetic about all that has been hidden The dance of social graces exhausts me to the bone I've allowed myself to be A smiling, willing victim To those of you in sharkskin suits who claim ... Read More

With You

Listen on Spotify I used to be The life of the party The man of the hour The one in control Never a question No hesitation Get who I want And then I'd move on But you've stolen my thunder Taken me under By something so real With you I can't speak I can't move I can hardly breathe I'm ... Read More