Man Outta Me

Listen on Spotify Something that I never said A story that I've never shared I was only 20 years old He was a love affair Soon became a humble home Wrecked with animosity He took it to the bottle And turned around and took it out on me And I was just a boy A scrawny little boy A naive, ... Read More

Kiss You Yet

Listen on Spotify You move through me Like the ocean underneath the full moon And your touch warms me Like the sun above a summer afternoon And I've never been so swept away There's so much love that we could make but Ooh, I don't wanna kiss you yet I wanna feel your breath And look into your eyes so ... Read More

Left Over

Listen on Spotify I remember the day I laid eyes on that sweet Georgia smile With your rosy complexion and your brown winter coat You made my acquaintance and laughed through that cute little nose From first kiss, to first touch, to first time that we'd ever made love We could both fill a novel with eloquent memories Of fumbling ... Read More

Just This Good

Listen on Spotify Baby, I can't believe What's happening to me As I look at you Lying naked with me A realm of emotion Beyond this embrace Leaves me with nothing to say Now, I've been a man Conditioned to think That love was no more Than a hollow routine But when I feel your body Moving slowly with mine ... Read More

Love In Another Light

Listen on Spotify Turn down the dial I don't want another Lesson in something I've had enough of It's all the same A big misconception Thinking I'd find what I was looking for Love is not just a fix anymore A man needs to feel something more So maybe it's time that I Tear down the walls Open my eyes ... Read More

Lonely Sunday Morning

Listen on Spotify I can still taste you on my lips I can still smell you on my sheets I can still feel the way you tremble When I hold you close to me It's like everything about you Is everything I need And waking up without you Is gonna be the death of me I'm not so used to ... Read More

Hold You All Night

Listen on Spotify I've been drinking myself into oblivion The deeper the pain the harder to deaden Staring into space Tuning out the bar Coming up for air Only to seek a minor distraction But escaping doesn't get me very far Away From the cords that we entangled Away From the smile I used to know And I would hold ... Read More

Hardly A Hero

Listen on Spotify Just an ordinary man Thrown into a life I didn't plan Suddenly my world has changed I'm unprepared to make my way My resolve is growing weak So unsure of who I'm supposed to be The one who takes the noble path Or the one who wants what he can never have And I'm hardly the hero ... Read More

With You

Listen on Spotify I used to be The life of the party The man of the hour The one in control Never a question No hesitation Get who I want And then I'd move on But you've stolen my thunder Taken me under By something so real With you I can't speak I can't move I can hardly breathe I'm ... Read More

I Should Go

Listen on Spotify Here we are Isn't it familiar I haven't had someone to talk to In such a long time And it's strange All we have in common And your company was just the thing I needed tonight But somehow I feel I should apologize Cause I'm just a little shaken By what's going on inside I should go ... Read More