Listen on Spotify Your waters run so deep so clear It's refreshing to find someone Who could cool my thirst It's been so good to have an ear Who could here all the tears I cry And understand the hurt It's been a hard road So glad to find a friend But what I can see If you're telling me ... Read More


Listen on Spotify Gabrielle Was Monday morning just another crazy high Or the way we felt at ease make inhibitions fly Somewhere away Gabrielle Was the novelty of you and me what reeled you in Or the serotonin nudging you into my skin Until we came And it's just fine Yeah, It's great with me It was exactly what it ... Read More


Listen on Spotify Sometimes I see things no one else can Something I say things that I don't understand Feels like I'm screaming in the middle of a crowded room No one looks up, no one cares, no one even moves And I'm all by myself. Is there anybody out there Who feels the way I do All alone, nowhere ... Read More

Handcuff My Soul

Listen on Spotify Handcuff my soul to a cross Cause according to them I am lost That's okay cause I know truth It's not what they taught me in my youth If only this peace will last I wouldn't fall away so fast I won't let it get me down Cause God loves me for who I am Dusting off ... Read More

Make Believe

Listen on Spotify You have the truest smile And your eyes are the deepest ocean Your body drives me wild So much that I can't help knowing You are the kind of girl That I would give my heart to And never look over my shoulder Then again the truth sets in And I find that I stand here broken ... Read More

If I Can’t Let Go

Listen on Spotify I want to make this one the perfect romance In the face of forever, I think we have a chance But it happens each time I put myself on the line Don't wanna lose my faith in you I don't know what to do Cause I just can't let go anymore My heart has had enough I ... Read More

I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend

Listen on Spotify I gave you a shoulder to cry on When you were all alone And no one was around to love you I gave you everything Why can't you give me anything Don't you know how much I looked up to you All your broken promises you made Finally gave me the strength to say I don't wanna ... Read More

The Word Goodbye

Listen on Spotify I don't wanna go through this I've already made a plan To never fall in love in life again You may never understand This could be a big mistake And before we go to far I have to say I'd rather be lonely I'd rather be blue I'd rather be anything Than being without you I'd rather ... Read More

Beside You

Listen on Spotify Life was good Things were fine Till the storm came And tore your house down Till all you believed in Crumbled to the ground And sorting through the rubble You can't salvage any sign Of truest love existing To stand the test of time I know it makes you sad I know it hurts so bad And ... Read More