Lyrics: This Girl

I had a Twitter request to post the lyrics to This Girl.  This song was written for and inspired by Jessica Skerritt in Seattle.  She was our first Diane in MDQ and I’m afraid my admiration for her spilled over into feelings that were a bit more adult oriented.  No better way to capture a quandary than in a lyric.  Check out the song on Where I Belong (2009) 

(Pictured below, Levi and Jessica on a hike - Seattle)

This Girl

(written by Levi Kreis)

I won’t profess to be something I’m not

But sometimes the unexpected really thickens the plot

And you’re standing in the mirror butt naked scratching your head.

Now, animal attraction is a powerful beast

It’ll hunt you down when you expect it the least

But I’ve never met a little blond vixen that could mangle my heart

She’s got me sick to my stomach, got me taking my noggin’ apart.


This Girl - got me acting kinda silly

This Girl - make my head a little dizzy

This Girl - got me thinkin’ ‘bout doin’ thangs

And I can’t help it that

This Girl - got me primpin’ in the mirror

This Girl - got to think a little clearer

I don’t know I can’t tell you why, but I ain’t gonna lie

I’m diggin’ on This Girl.

Now life ain’t nothing but a practical joke

I bet God gets a kick outta being a bloke

Handing me a chicky when I finally got my ducks in a row

Hey Hey Hey,

Kinsey in the corner there is havin’ a laugh

While I’m walking the floor trying to do the math

And I’m beginning to consider that the picture isn’t black and white

I never been afraid of color before, I guess I’ll give it a try…


This girl - she’s so fine

And this girl blows my mind,

And I can’t really tell you why

But she takes me by surprise I say now…



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(Rob and Levi cutting piano/vocal tracks at Uptown Recording, Chicago)

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